2020: Book #31

Ireland was starving.

History journals tell us that as people walked the roads, they’d see bodies piled in corners of fields or at an intersection.

The potato harvest had failed.
People were starving.

A local priest, Father Mathew, began to lead the effort to feed and care for Ireland.

America heard of the plight and commissioned Robert Forbes to sail the USS Jamestown to Ireland with relief supplies.

This was America’s first humanitarian mission.

The story is nothing short of epic.

Stormy seas. Government arguments. Local disputes over how to distribute aid.
A captain who lost everything.  A priest who was loved by all.

Ireland’s legacy with the great famine still impacts their federal budget today.

That’s what you’ll find in Stephen Puleo’s book, “Voyage of Mercy: The USS Jamestown, The Irish Famine, and the Remarkable Story of America’s First Humanitarian Mission.”


You’ll walk away full of hope, believing that people can still do good.

This story reminded me to look for those who are the rescuers in times of crisis.

A true 5 out of 5 stars with this one.

That’s book #31 for 2020.

21 more to go.

Leaders are readers.

If you want to be a better leader…be a reader.