It was 1959.

Jim Henson and his puppets were not only doing skits on the national Today show, they were also being hired to do commercials.

He wasn’t even 25 and making $100,000 annually, which is roughly $750,000 in today’s money.

Yet, he was approachable.

He was incredibly insecure.

He grew a beard to cover the scars acne had caused.

To quote Henson’s biographer, Brian Jones, “Jim and his wife, Jane, were unspoiled by their success.”

One friend said, “They were unimpressed with themselves.”

They were unimpressed with themselves.

What a great line.

By being unimpressed with themselves, they were approachable and could learn from others.

Henson and his wife would take the time to listen.

Unspoiled. In other words, fame didn’t tarnish them. It didn’t make them act differently.

The creator of Kermit, Miss Piggy and Fozzie was so insecure with his own face that he grew a beard to cover most of it.

Are we unimpressed with ourselves?

Are we willing to listen?

May we be untarnished and unspoiled.

To help us, God may give us a thorn to keep us humble and a reminder that we’re just human. Henson’s thorn was his face full of scars. What’s yours?

They were unimpressed with themselves.

May the same be said of us.

Hope will triumph.

Easy never changed the world.


– Brian Sanders

Brian Sanders is an author/speaker and Executive Vice President of Positive Alternative Radio. To contact him or for more information about his book, Leadership Endurance, visit www.briansandersauthor.com .