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Let Perspective Inspire You

Great accomplishments are only achieved through great struggle.
By studying these lives, we learn what others endured and what they accomplished. You’ll also learn they weren’t perfect, but full of flaws.

Learning from Explorer Ernest Shackleton’s Example

Ernest Shackleton had one goal. He wanted to reach the South Pole. He hired a crew, bought a ship, filled it with supplies, drew up plans and set sail. However, a problem happened. A crisis landed on Shackleton’s doorstep. The ship become stuck in ice.

The Truth About “Faith over Fear”

There’s a phrase that I’m weary of hearing… The phrase is “faith over fear.” We’re misapplying the truths of this phrase.  What should it mean? I no longer fear the wrath of God because of the faith I’ve been given in Jesus. That’s faith over fear.

4 Steps Forward to Survive the Pandemic

Debating whether the storm is real doesn’t help you. Navigating through the impacts of a storm is your role. Your team is watching. They want to see you making plans to keep them safe and employed. They signed up to go on a journey to fulfill a mission and vision, not to hear our opinions about doctors, diseases and pandemics.

Navigating Crisis: Five Things You Must Do Now

NAVIGATING CRISIS - 5 THINGS YOU MUST DO NOW LEADERSHIP ENDURANCE  Blankets were spread on the ground. Some brought wine and cheese. To make sure others knew their social class, many wore opera glasses. Families and groups of friends gathered around picnic...

Throw a Party

Throw a Party ENDURING LEADERSHIP I’ve always struggled in math. Numbers and I...we’re not a good combo. By the sixth grade, I found myself in remedial math. In other words, I wasn’t progressing like the other students. A person was defined as “remedial” by the...

Follow the Footprints

Follow the Footprints ENDURING LEADERSHIP The river was just a short walk from their house. The family had learned early to keep a watchful eye on their four-year-old toddler--keenly aware that the river could deliver a horrible end at any moment. On one particularly...

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