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Leadership – Vlog 18

Leadership VLOG 18 Brian Sanders on Leadership The person who is continually waiting for instruction, that person is a follower.

Leadership – Vlog 17

Leadership VLOG 17 Brian Sanders on Leadership You having the chair doesn't mean that you have all of the answers.

Leadership – Vlog 16

Leadership VLOG 16 Brian Sanders on Leadership Get yourself a book, watch TED talks, always seek improvement.

Leadership – Vlog 14

Leadership VLOG 14 Brian Sanders on Leadership Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.

Leadership – Vlog 12

Leadership VLOG 12 Brian Sanders on Leadership The Grand Vision is: The Union could be restored and the slaves could be freed.

Leadership – Vlog 11

Leadership VLOG 11 Brian Sanders on Leadership Who wouldn't want to give up? Yet, FDR ran for governor and won the presidency 4 times.

Leadership – Vlog 10

Leadership VLOG 10 Brian Sanders on Leadership You must learn to love uphill, love the struggle.

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Throw a Party

Throw a Party ENDURING LEADERSHIP I’ve always struggled in math. Numbers and I...we’re not a good combo. By the sixth grade, I found myself in remedial math. In other words, I wasn’t progressing like the other students. A person was defined as “remedial” by the...

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