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Leadership – Vlog 38

Leadership VLOG 38Brian Sanders on Leadership What has the experience of writing, publishing and promoting my first book, Leadership Endurance, taught me about being a leader?

Leadership – Vlog 37

Leadership VLOG 37 Brian Sanders on Leadership What challenges do women face in leadership that perhaps men do not face quite as much?

Leadership – Vlog 36

Leadership VLOG 36 Brian Sanders on Leadership You cannot ever afford to believe that you have figured everything out. Rely on your team.

Leadership – Vlog 35

Leadership VLOG 35 Brian Sanders on Leadership How would I describe the leadership style of Jesus Christ? How does Jesus Christ respond to betrayal?

Leadership – Vlog 34

Leadership VLOG 34 Brian Sanders on Leadership Jacob was a schemer and a scoundrel, but with all of his flaws, God still used him.

Leadership – Vlog 33

Leadership VLOG 33 Brian Sanders on Leadership Moses is one of Brian's favorite leadership examples from the bible. Even with all his doubts and past shortcomings, he was chosen and led his team out of Egypt.

Leadership – Vlog 32

Leadership VLOG 32Brian Sanders on Leadership What will be expected of tomorrow's leaders? Use their influence to pull the best out of others so that an amazing mission can be accomplished.

Leadership – Vlog 31

Leadership VLOG 31Brian Sanders on Leadership In a world with self-driving cars and artificial intelligence - how do I think leadership is evolving or changing?

Leadership – Vlog 30

Leadership VLOG 30 Brian Sanders on Leadership Can any personality type be a leader? Of course!

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