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Leadership – Vlog 6

Brian Sanders on Leadership – As a leader, it’s your job to speak life into your team. Leadership is a tremendous honor and privelege.

Leadership – Vlog 5

Brian Sanders on Leadership – A leader must have their emotional wits about them the whole time.

Leadership – Vlog 4

Brian Sanders on Leadership – As a leader, no matter what last year or yesterday looked like, you have a clean slate today.

Leadership – Vlog 3

Brian Sanders on Leadership – Keep on leading. Keep on being generous. Be the example for them. Thank them for what they do. Be the example of Jesus.

Leadership – Vlog 2

Invest the time with your team to have the conversations that would make them work together better and be more effective.

Leadership – Vlog 1

Brian Sanders on Leadership – “We need a leader who will challenge us to aspire for more, that’s leadership.”

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