The truth about faith over fear



There’s a phrase that I’m weary of hearing… The phrase is “faith over fear.” We’re misapplying the truths of this phrase.  What should it mean?

I no longer fear the wrath of God because of the faith I’ve been given in Jesus. That’s faith over fear.

I no longer have to fear judgement or hell.

My faith in Jesus has washed away my sins. I stand before God justified and will never be proclaimed guilty.  That’s faith over fear.

But the phrase is being stripped of its true meaning.  Some are stating that we should stop taking our medication and not fear the consequences. The belief is that our faith is greater than our medicine.

Then there’s a rash of posts applying faith over fear to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Some are saying, “Don’t wear a mask! Have faith. No fear!”

How do I say this kindly?

Fear is often a gift from God.

You see a snake.

The fear that wells up in you is a gift.

It’s a warning to avoid the snake.

We wouldn’t say, “just stand there and pet the snake. Let your faith be greater than your fear.” (There are certain churches in West Virginia that may disagree with that.) Fear is what keeps us from getting near the edge of a cliff.

Fear helps give guardrails in the dangerous stuff of life.

Let’s not be Pollyanna about the mess of this world.

I have faith that God can fix all this, but it’s up to Him to do so.

Until then, I’ll listen to medical experts and take appropriate steps.

God gave us common sense.

He gave people talents and skills to be doctors and researchers.

Others have the mental ability to interpret data and help us see trends.

Doctors, research, common sense and people who can interpret data – God made all those people. He gave them those gifts.

Listening to them and heeding their warnings is a grace from God.

It is not living in fear.

If there are two things that we should embrace, it is reality and hope.

Face reality as it is.

Have hope that God is at work. Let’s be wise, gentle and accurate when we use the phrase faith over fear.


Hope will triumph.


Easy never changed the world.


– Brian Sanders


Brian Sanders is an author/speaker and Executive Vice President of Positive Alternative Radio. To contact him or for more information about his book, Leadership Endurance, visit