2018: Book #23

Reading Ray Ortlund’s book, “The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ” felt like a drink of cold water from a mountain spring on a very hot day. Refreshing.

The book, published by Crossway, is part of the 9Marks series.

It is so good…so, so good.

Here are a few memorable quotes:

“Truth without grace is harsh and ugly. Grace without truth is sentimental and cowardly. The living Christ is full of grace and truth.”

“Christians have lost credibility in America as people who know how to love.”

“We tell ourselves we’re better than we really are.”

“We don’t deserve as much as we think we do. Second, the Bible simply changes the subject to how much God loves the undeserving. In other words, the gospel helps us to stop barricading ourselves against God, because it’s evil people in denial whom God loves massively.”

“We didn’t ruin God’s plan; we are his plan, his eternal plan to love the undeserving, for the display of his glory alone.”

“There will never be another “fall of Adam” to reverse the newness Jesus creates.”

This book reminded me that I’m loved by God; that flaws and stumbles don’t ruin His plan. He’s got this. He wants me to love others…unconditionally. Unconditional is hard for me.

I was reminded of the grace that was shown to me. Also, that I’m not nearly as good as I think I am. My need for the gospel is greater than I think it is.

This book helped me through a very hard week. It’s interesting how God sends you books the weeks when you will need them.

My recommendation, buy this book. Consume it. Feast on it. Believe it!

Ortlund’s book gets 5 out of 5 stars.

That’s book #23 for 2018.

29 more books to go to reach 52 by the end of the year.

BTW…for those curious, I have 150 pages left in Ron Chernow’s book on Grant. It’s such a great book.

Remember, all leaders are readers.
If you want to be a better leader…be a reader.

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