Pay the price


Confined to a bed.

That’s often how Abraham Lincoln dealt with the stress of the Presidency.

The war, the criticism, all the voices and a personal life that was like a roller-coaster – that would be enough to create those symptoms in anyone.

With a raging migraine and frequent trips to the “privy” due to stress, Lincoln’s cabinet and assistants would surround his bed… and the work would continue.

I can’t fathom the scene.

The President is that sick and stressed but still has to make decisions.

Beyond that, how dedicated is the staff?  To meet with him around his bed while he’s struggling.

Again, I can’t fathom the image in my mind.

But this does teach us a scary principle: leadership has a price.

There’s a chance your price will not be this high where – you’re in bed sick and your team surrounds you.  Let’s face it, the decisions we make are not THAT important.  

But there is a price…

That price will include time, emotional toil, personal doubt, releasing team members, wrong decisions, corrective measures, worry and so much more.

It’s the cost of sitting in the chair.

No dream comes free.
You must pay the price.

Achievement doesn’t wander to your doorstep.
It must be earned.

We want to have a book on a shelf that has our name…
But nobody wants to pay the price of actually writing it.

The need is great for additional staff and new equipment… but we’re embarrassed to ask donors for the dollars.

Others want to be professional basketball players but have no desire to practice like Michael Jordan.

As has been said often, the dream is free, the hustle is sold separately.

Lincoln’s dream was a united America and a land where all were free.
The price? Having to work through sickness.

What’s your dream? 
Are you willing to pay the price to achieve it?

Pay the price.
You’ll be glad you did.

Do that…you’ll  be on the path to Enduring Leadership.


– Brian Sanders