Get Up!

Enduring Leadership #9

It was 67 A.D. and Rome was advancing on Israel. The leading General was a 57-year-old man named Vespasian. During the Galilean siege, Strauss records this story…

“When one of the defenders on a city wall in Galilee hit Vespasian in the sole of his foot with an arrow, the legions shuddered. But it was just a flesh wound, and the fifty-seven year-old general got up to show the men that he was fine, which spurred them to fight harder.”

Picture the scene: The respected leader takes a hit. Vespasian is on the ground. When he falls, the heads of the troops turn and their eyes focus on the leader.

That’s important. Instead of fighting and advancing on Galilee, the troops were watching their leader struggle. Vespasian had to get up…and he did. When he got up and removed the arrow it “…spurred them to fight harder.”

When the leader is down, the team is no longer focusing on the mission and vision. They’re watching you, because:

  • Their passion is fed by you
  • The example is set by you
  • The desire to win flows from you
  • The willingness to admit mistakes and course correct starts with you

Dear leader…

Have you been down? Are you stuck in your own self-doubts? Did a major goal not materialize as you had hoped?

Their eyes are on you.

Get up. Shake off the dust. Start chasing the dream again. Your team needs to see you back in the fight. Pull out the arrow that has knocked you to the sidelines. Your team needs their leader. The mission and vision needs a leader. Those impacted by your dream need you leading.

Are you ready to get up and start leading again? I certainly hope so…your troops are waiting and they’re watching.

Real leaders never stay down. They get up and fight another day.

Do that…and you’ll be on the path to enduring leadership.


– Brian Sanders