Do The Next Thing


Well, you made the wrong decision. Instead of the product being a success, it absolutely flops. The format you planned doesn’t capture an audience. Cash flow gets really tight. You have to begin making choices as to what to cut.

Rumors start to spread among the teams. Rumors give birth to panic. As the leader, you’re in your office beating yourself up. What do you do?

In a new little book called, “Suffering is Never for Nothing,” Elizabeth Elliot states that one should “do what’s next.”

Just do what’s next. It’s so simple. Yet, we have a tendency to overcomplicate life.

In this scenario, gather the leadership team together along with cash flow forecasts. The question to be answered: how do we keep everyone employed?

If you can’t, then do what’s next.

At some point, doing what’s next will be dissecting what went wrong with the format launch. Why was the product rejected? That has to be learned, so it’s never repeated. You can survive a mistake, but it’s doubtful the organization can survive repeating that mistake multiple times.

Do what’s next.

Meet with the entire team. You must address the reality of where the organization is in order to stop the rumors. You must paint a picture of the future before you end your speech. That future is one of success.

Yes, there’ll be some pain as you right the ship. Even so, the future is bright. Your team needs hope…hope that is real. So, give them hope…

…then, do what’s next.

Start the doing: meetings, plans, implementation, quality control, etc.

Now, what’s your organization facing? Are you stuck trying to make a decision? Are you unsure of the next step? Don’t overcomplicate the process. Simply…

…do what’s next.

Do that—and continue to do it—and you’ll be on the path to enduring leadership.


– Brian Sanders