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Leadership – Vlog 29

Leadership VLOG 29Brian Sanders on Leadership Leaders have to be willing to do what everyone else does. You cannot be seen as being better than. Strive to be a person of the towel and the basin.

Leadership – Vlog 28

Leadership VLOG 28Brian Sanders on Leadership Relationships with Team Members Why is building relationships with you team members important for a leader? Your team members have to trust you and believe in you.

Leadership – Vlog 27

Leadership VLOG 27Brian Sanders on Leadership Leadership Lessons from my Dad What did my dad teach me about leadership? Leaders don't last forever. Make sure that your team is equipped when you leave the stage.

Leadership – Vlog 26

Leadership VLOG 26 Brian Sanders on Leadership Leadership in Ministries & Nonprofits Why is leadership so important in Ministries & Nonprofits? We are the hands and feet of Jesus, so we must go and do.

Leadership – Vlog 25

Leadership VLOG 25Brian Sanders on Leadership Leadership & Influence You can still be a leader if you are not the top person in your organization. You can have influence from whatever you are. Don't be afraid to fail.

Leadership – Vlog 24

Leadership VLOG 24 Brian Sanders on Leadership Do you think you can do the job? All your failures and all your flaws have trained you for the next battle you will face.

Leadership – Vlog 23

Leadership VLOG 23 Brian Sanders on Leadership Be Brave. Release yourself of the burden of perfection. Imperfect people are the only people God has ever used.

Leadership – Vlog 22

Leadership VLOG 22 Brian Sanders on Leadership Success Stories | Part 1 I wrote the book to help remind me to not to quit. To see the impact that the book has had on people, tells me that I am not alone and that you are not alone.

Leadership – Vlog 21

Leadership VLOG 21Brian Sanders on Leadership At a speaking event in Danville, VA, Brian experienced an encounter that he will never forget. Just remember – never quit, you have a purpose.

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