Unlocking Potential

Your team has untapped potential.
Insecurity keeps them bravely sharing a possible game-changing idea.
Fear of failure and shame locks them in a prison of never taking a risk.

How do you change that?

Preach life.

Don’t send a text or email.
Please don’t dial a phone.

Look them in the eye.

Tell the team member that you believe in them.

Be specific.

Tell the person how you see them.

Describe their gifts and talents and package that in a larger context of they help fulfill the mission and vision of the organization.

Before you’re done, be sure to use the phrase, “This is truth and it is to be believed.”

It’s hard for people to believe in themselves if there’s no one believing in them.

And very few people have anyone who tells them they’re believed in.

By speaking life, you unlock potential.

The deeper your belief in your value and worth the likelier you are to share an idea or speak up when there’s a problem.

When that happens, the organization has struck gold.

People don’t share their ideas because they believe their ideas suck.   Their lack of belief in themselves leads to quiet voices during a brainstorming session.

As the leader, you must build a culture that precedes that brainstorming session.

This culture is one where we value each other and verbally express worth and belief.

Want great ideas? 

Do you desire a culture where people push back and help you see pitfalls before they happen?

Then create a culture where that can happen.

Unlock their potential by helping them believe in themselves.

Follow it up by always keeping your word.  Trust is the glue in any relationship.

Once you’ve built that culture, you’ll discover you get better answers and ideas.

And that’s just one key to Enduring Leadership…


– Brian Sanders