2018: Book #5

This morning I finished book #5 for 2018…

“The Lincoln Reader” by Paul M. Angle.

The book is out of print, but you can buy old seasoned copies.

I must say I’m personally proud for finishing this.

  • 530 pages of first-hand accounts of Lincoln
  • Letters between Lincoln and Mary
  • Dispatches to and from Generals
  • Diary entries from his friends
  • So on and so on

When people write a book about Lincoln it needs good sources; this book contains a good deal of sourced material.

Leadership lessons from this book:

  1. Stay calm. For the most part, Lincoln kept his cool. His direct reports could tell when he was upset or down, but they all say he was even-keeled during decisions.
  2. Leadership has a price. The cause of ending slavery and the war took a considerable toll on him personally. It invaded his marriage and relationships with his children. Lessons learned: Guard your home life; know that the weight of your decisions will always be on your shoulders; and do what you can to check out.
  3. Easy never changed the world. Lincoln knew he had to pass the 13th Amendment before ending the war. This means men had to keep dying until it was passed. He made that decision because he felt America had entered the world stage and had to leave slavery behind no matter the cost. #ENCW
  4. Depend on God. Early in his life, Lincoln turned on God. Nearly became an atheist.  But the death of two children changed him. He understood life was out of his hands but in those of an all powerful and all knowing God.  Read his second inaugural and you’ll see his faith screaming at the world.  God uses pain to bring us to Himself and He did just that with Lincoln.
  5. Words matter. The Gettysburg Address is quite possibly the greatest speech ever given by a President.

Great book…moving at points.
I highly recommend it if you “live with a leader.”

Thankful for Mr. Lincoln.
Thankful for his leadership.

5 down…47 more to go.

Remember, all leaders are readers.
If you want to be a better leader…be a reader.

Interested in purchasing this book?