2019: Book #5

I am undone.
I don’t use that word much.
But it is true.
Undone. Overwhelmed.


Because of what a book has done to my heart.

The book is “The Insanity of God,” by Nik Ripken. Go buy it now, but be prepared for how it will impact you. The book is the true story of Nik and his family’s journey as missionaries. In those places, people are persecuted for the Gospel.

Let me define persecution for you on Nik’s terms…

In China, most of the pastors have served in prison for three years for preaching the Gospel. They view persecution as a matter of when not if. In Russia, church leaders are cast away in horrible prisons. Some are even killed. Then, there’s Somalia, and other Muslim countries, where believers are stalked, imprisoned or even killed.

Here’s what guts my heart: American Christians see persecution as something to be avoided at all cost.
In contrast, faithful brothers and sisters like Ripken see it as something to endure for God’s glory. They believe Jesus will use it to grow His church.

A few quotes:

“Serving God is not a matter of location, but a matter of obedience.”

“Quickly, I learned that I could never divorce my decisions from my prayer time and my relationship with God.”

“When my wife and I speak and teach and share with Western churches, we are often asked if we believe that persecution is coming to America. My response is often rather pointed. I say quite sincerely, ‘Why would Satan want to wake us up when he has already shut us up?’”

Wow… that stings, but he’s right.

Read this book. It will refresh your soul. It will help you view your life through a lens of appreciation.

The majority of Christians in America don’t suffer. Rather, we go through aggravations at best. We complain loudly about those aggravations and interruptions, having no clue as to how good we really have it.

May we wake up, be thankful, and pray for our brothers and sisters.

This is another outstanding book. I recommend it a million times over!

That’s book #5 for 2019.
47 more to go.

Remember, all leaders are readers.
If you want to be a better leader…be a reader.

Interested in purchasing this book?