Share Your Cause


Thomas Francis Meagher is a name you’ve probably never heard before, but he helped inspire 150,000 people. Meagher was an Irishman who came to America in 1852. Less than a decade after Meagher’s arrival, Lincoln was building an army to confront the rebellious South. The Irishman would play a pivotal role in Lincoln’s effort.

In the book, Lincoln and the Irish: The Untold Story of How the Irish Helped Abraham Lincoln Save the Union, Niall O’Dowd writes, “Meagher rejected his wealthy background and became a revolutionary.”

O’Dowd notes that Meagher was one who, “…forged a path for 150,000 Irishmen to fight and very likely save the Union.”

Meagher inspired others to give their lives to a cause. Lincoln gave the vision. Meagher caught that vision and inspired others to believe. You must be like Meagher.

The mission and vision of your organization is the cause. Like Meager, you must convince others that the cause is worth their time and effort and that it’s a significant portion of their lives. You don’t just convince them once…you remind them daily.

When you hire a team member, he or she needs to believe in the cause. It isn’t about the pay or the benefits. Rather, you’ve unlocked passion hidden within them. You’re helping them invest their lives in a cause they feel is so worthy that they’re compelled to take part.

Even so, that feeling will wane. Doubt will creep around the edges. Your job is to preach the mission and vision every day. Remind them of the impact they’re making. Share stories of changed lives. Tie their work to the why.

Your team must be led to understand how their daily tasks and projects help accomplish the overarching mission and vision of your organization. In other words, it’s up to you, as the leader, to help team members believe they are not wasting their lives.

So, tell the story. Tell it over and over again. Remind your team of their value and link it to the cause.

Do that…you’ll  be on the path to Enduring Leadership.


– Brian Sanders