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Brian Sanders, author of Leadership Endurance, an Amazon #1 best seller for Christian Leadership, shares an intimate portrait of his own father and the life lessons he learned by his side. This book features fifty original, powerful stories that will shape your life and help you become a better person and a better leader.

Amazon Best-selling Author Brian Sanders

Amazon Best-Selling book on Christian Leadership Leadership Endurance walks you through dozens of leadership lessons on how to endure to the end. There are lots of books on being a great leader, but few on how to endure as a leader. Learn from Brian Sanders EVP of Positive Alternative Radio what it means to endure as a leader.

Learning from Explorer Ernest Shackleton’s Example

Learning from Explorer Ernest Shackleton’s Example

Ernest Shackleton had one goal. He wanted to reach the South Pole. He hired a crew, bought a ship, filled it with supplies, drew up plans and set sail. However, a problem happened. A crisis landed on Shackleton’s doorstep. The ship become stuck in ice.

The Truth About “Faith over Fear”

The Truth About “Faith over Fear”

There’s a phrase that I’m weary of hearing… The phrase is “faith over fear.” We’re misapplying the truths of this phrase.  What should it mean? I no longer fear the wrath of God because of the faith I’ve been given in Jesus. That’s faith over fear.

Leadership – Vlog 35

Leadership – Vlog 35

Leadership VLOG 35 Brian Sanders on Leadership How would I describe the leadership style of Jesus Christ? How does Jesus Christ respond to betrayal?

About the book

How to last as a leader

There are other books to help you climb the ladder as a leader. This one helps you last once you get there. Leadership Endurance is all about growing through the pain, self-doubt, and the loneliness that inevitably will besiege anyone who seeks the challenge of leadership. Author Brian Sanders doesn’t sugarcoat a single word. If you want practical, time-honored, strategic help to rise above the challenges you will face as a leader, this book is for you. Forged by his own missteps and successes, and founded on solid, biblical principles exemplified in the lives of the greatest leaders of all time, Leadership Endurance is for any leader who feels called to a lifetime of service in the leader’s chair.

…strategic steps from the greatest leaders of all time.

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