2020: Book #5

“Uncle Abe is as homely as his pictures represent him – in fact, the ugliest man I ever saw…”

“Evidently, Gus (Schurmann) later visited Tad (Lincoln) at the White House. While in D.C., they saw a play at the Grover’s Theater and ironically met John Wilkes Booth Backstage.”

“Despite controversies which swirled around her, Mary Todd Lincoln regularly visited hospitals. This was extremely dangerous because many of the men were suffering tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and other contagious diseases. Mary brought the men flowers that were from the White House garden, and food prepared in the White House kitchen. While at the hospitals she would read to the wounded and write letters for them.”

These are quotes from Jane Hollenbeck Conner’s book, Lincoln in Stafford.

The book is all about Lincoln’s visits in Stafford County, Virginia, which is where Fredericksburg is located.

This book is informative, short and well written.  Conner is not a storyteller. She’s more of a conveyer of facts.

It’s a good book for any Lincoln buff, especially if you live in Virginia.

I learned that Lincoln’s son, Tad, had a meet and greet with the actor John Wilkes Booth after a play. Just a few years later, Booth would murder Tad’s father, President Lincoln.

Mary Todd’s struggles are brutally acknowledged, but you also see a softer side.

Well worth the read as you’ll gain insight to Lincoln’s travel and decision-making.

I give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

That’s book #5 for 2020.
47 more books to go to hit 52 for the year.

If you want to be a better leader…be a reader.