Keep your Word

The currency of any leader is trust.

In order for people to follow you, they must know they can believe you.

Do you keep your promises?
Do you appear for your commitments?
Are you able to complete projects on schedule?

Trust is the key.

The greater the trust between leader and team member, the higher the passion and willingness to take risks.

Trust buys you the future.

If your people can trust you when you take them through small bumps, they’re more likely to trust as you navigate a hurricane.

Your team needs to know they’re your greatest asset.

And if that’s true, you never lie to them.  Never.

A leader deals in reality. Reality builds trust.

You leverage that trust by generating momentum for a vision of the future.

If you’ve broken your word and your team finds you untrustworthy, then you can’t lead from a place of integrity.  You won’t be able to naturally create momentum.  Leaders who have squandered their ability to be trusted often end up leading from a place of fear.  You’ll hear them threatening team members and demanding respect because of a title.   This is a horrible place to invest 8 or more hours a day of your life.

I can’t say this enough…keep your word.
Never play with a team member’s paycheck.
If you reward someone with a raise, make sure it shows up in their pay.

Pay your bills.

Provide the team with what they need to do the work.

If you speak of benefits, be sure the company you’ve hired to execute them is excellent.


Your team doesn’t care if it’s your fault or the broker’s fault that the insurance isn’t what was promised.  They’re always going to blame you as the leader. Because you didn’t deliver on what promised.

Choose integrity.

Build trust by being a person of your word.

By doing so, you’ll be well on your way to a legacy of “Enduring Leadership.”


– Brian Sanders