I really shouldn’t be writing this blog.

Some might say I shouldn’t be the Executive Vice-President of one of America’s leading Christian Radio networks.

Heck, why am I writing a book? 

Unknown to my critics, I agree with them.

Yes, I’m fat. Not just fat, but severely overweight.
My size is a reflection of my lack of discipline in the area of food.
I’ve even been told that my waistline would hinder me in my career.

I have a speech defect.
If you listen close, you can often hear me stutter.
I spent years in speech therapy learning tips and tricks.
My stutter is mostly under control.

There is no Masters’ degree or Ph.D. that hangs on my wall.
What is my expertise?

Yes, those voices speak loudly to me.

But I had to make a choice.

I could either ignore those voices and move forward or accept the label and achieve nothing with the gifts I’ve been given.

I’ve chosen to move forward.

What’s your label?

What do your voices say to you?

What areas make you think you’re a failure?

You have a choice to make today.

Will you wear that label, or will you believe you’re capable of more?

Read this well… YOU’RE MORE.

You have an undefined future that is yours to create.

You own the pen and the paper, write your story.

Sure, you may never conquer that one “thing.”
So what?
Don’t let it keep you from using your gifts
Kick the doubt and fears to the side and use your talents to chase your dream.

Critics don’t stop us.
Labels don’t impede forward momentum.

Believing those critics and wearing those labels as truth brings our dreams to a crashing halt.

Be so good that the world can’t ignore you.

You can do it.

When you begin to believe you’re more you’ll be well on your to a lifetime of “Enduring Leadership.”


– Brian Sanders