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Leaders are a strange breed.

Today’s struggles teach you lessons for tomorrow’s victories. The only way you get to be a better general is to fight battles. You must get the experience. A leader who has never faced a crisis, and led through it, is probably a leader not worth following.


Read this well…you’re more. You have an undefined future that is yours to create. You own the pen and the paper, write your story.

His name was Ezelle

Paint the picture of what the accomplished vision will look like.
Explain how it will benefit the team.
One you feel you have buy-in, make a move.

Why write a book?

Leadership is constantly evolving.
People are ever changing.
Technology is advancing.
Therefore, new leadership books are needed.

Keep Your Word

Trust is the key.

The greater the trust between leader and team member, the higher the passion and willingness to take risks.

Trust buys you the future.

Unlocking Potential

Your team has untapped potential. Insecurity keeps them bravely sharing a possible game-changing idea. How do you change that?

Why Candor Works

Why Candor Works – Ideas only come back better where candor is practiced. As the leader, candor only lives if you’re approachable and trustworthy.

When You’re Shocked By Words

The dream isn’t free. You’re going to face hurdles, obstacles, jealousy, hate and negativity. That’s the price of admission for achieving your goals.

Addicted to Anger

I have a theory.
We’re addicted to anger.
Since we’re addicted to it, we have no problem in allowing it to spill out.
And it spills out mostly online.

Girl, Stop Criticizing

Brian Sanders on Leadership – From where I sit, we need a few more dream chasers. People willing to pursue a calling and feel His pleasure as they do.

Response to a Critic

Dear Lincoln…we still have work to do on your vision for America. 
Dear King…your dream is unfulfilled. Jesus, we need your grace, mercy and repentance.

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