Addicted to Anger

I have a theory.

We’re addicted to anger.

Since we’re addicted to it, we have no problem in allowing it to spill out.

And it spills out mostly online.

We believe that we can hide behind a screen and a keyboard and type whatever we want without any consequences.  We justify our actions by stating America is a free country and we have a right to free speech.  It is from that well of selfishness that our vitriol finds its way to eager readers.

These readers, also known as friends and followers in the online world, either agree and share our anger or engage us and take the arguments to a new level.

The volume of our rage is drowning out the melody of grace.

As American believers, we’re living a lie.

We’ve compartmentalized our Jesus.

Jesus is for Sundays, holidays, mealtime prayers, the sick, dying and wayward.

But He is not to enter our politics.

For if He entered our political belief system, we’d have to stop mocking people, ridiculing others and defending the sins of earthly leaders who help the church advance a standard of morality in society.  W/ho knows, if Jesus entered our politics we may have to welcome people from other nations.

But we’re addicted to anger.

Our anger is tied to our selfishness.  Our belief that we know what is best and if people don’t do it our way then we will let them know about it.   

Gone are the days of serving quietly and changing a life one by one and allowing the Kingdom of Jesus to advance.  And as that kingdom advances, we see change begin to spread.   

Our anger is tied to our impatience.   God doesn’t work fast enough for us.  We want progress now.  Israel was in slavery 400 years before He sent a deliverer.  Perhaps we’ve lost sight that God is playing a long game and He is bringing history to an end that He has appointed.  We’ve grown weary of God’s patient working in history and it reveals itself in our online rants and rages.

Our anger is linked to the belief that we must match the volume of the world.

We don’t.

If we’re going to be loud, let us be loud for the gospel.

May we not squander our reputation defending a political party or politician.  When in reality, the world needs a Savior, not a new political celebrity.

Perhaps the American church will never experience revival until we repent of our anger and what causes it in our hearts.

I pray we release Jesus to influence every area of our thinking.

May we flee anger and embrace grace.


– Brian Sanders