2018: Book #42

His name is Milton Vincent and it seemed he had lost joy in his faith. As a seminary professor, the Gospel had become academic rather than a life-giving source. So, what did he do? He began unpacking the Gospel and writing down those findings on 3×5 index cards. He read those truths to himself every single day. Soon, his prayer life changed. He was enjoying God.

You’ll find his story and the truths written on those 3×5 cards in Vincent’s book, “A Gospel Primer: Learning to See the Glories of God’s Love.”

Here are some of the quotes that got my attention and refreshed me:

“He has also been unbelievably good and merciful to me as the Creator and Sustainer of my life.”

“On my best days of victory and usefulness, the Gospel keeps me relating to God solely on the basis of Jesus’ righteousness and not mine.”

“The Gospel gives me the wherewithal to give forgiving grace to those who have wronged me, for it reminds me daily of the forgiving grace that God is showing me.”

“The Gospel reminds me daily of the spiritual poverty into which I was born and also of the staggering generosity of Christ towards me.”

“The more absorbed I am in the Gospel, the more grateful I become in the midst of my circumstances, whatever they may be.”

Read this book. As a matter of fact, I’m going to make it part of my daily routine with Jesus. I plan to read a small section daily. Here’s why: my heart needs to be reminded of the Gospel and all the gems it contains.

I need this book.
You need this book.

5 out of 5 stars.

That’s book #42 for 2018.

10 more to go before I reach 52 for the year.

Remember, all leaders are readers.
If you want to be a better leader…be a reader.

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